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It is really important that you practice at your clinics with a complete set of policies to hand. Examples of such policies include: feedback, complaints, adverse reaction, sharps injury, anaphylaxis, etc. Of course, these can be created by the practitioner themself but we do offer a package for £99 which contains over 30 policies which can easily be edited and printed for your convenience.
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Over 30 editable policies for use in your clinical practice.

'Had an amazing time learning new skills and techniques by talented doctors during the Combined Course. I have been to a couple of courses before and the amount of detailed business advice provided is unreal! Look forward to further courses with you guys!'

Amrit Kaur


The Academy of Aesthetic Medicine is a revolutionary training initiative in medical cosmetics.

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Our training venues are spread throughout the UK at the Radisson Blu.

Locations include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and Belfast.

Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Revolutionary training initiative in medical cosmetics
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